Today she is two

Thursday, February 28, 2013
I don't blog much about my kids here anymore, mostly because they are adults, at least in view of the law they are. But they are busy writing their own stories, creating their own lives, and doing a pretty good job at it I should add.

But some of the things they do still effect me.

Two years ago today I became what my dad was to our kids, a papa. A grandfather, grampa, papa. Two years ago little Norah was born and the world, my world hasn't been the same since.

We work hard to know her and to let her know us, but sometimes on days like today, it's hard. We are really glad she gets to live by family and to know the love of an extended family, that's pretty cool. But for now we need to live in different parts of the world, her and us. But we do make the most of it when we are together.

And today she reaches the awesome age of two. She's walking and talking and she knows more sign language than I could ever keep up with. She's bright and fun and a pleasure to be with. Her mom and dad do make great babies, and now small children.

So happy birthday Norah. We pray that your life continues to be so blessed and that you will know the roads where true blessings lie.

And maybe one day when you are older and you wander down the timeline of this blog of mine, you will see this post and remember that you were always loved and loved deeply by this papa from miles away.

Thomas took this picture of us last year. I think it perfectly illustrates our relationship.


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