Sunday, February 03, 2013

"You stay classy, San Diego"

In a few hours, after I'm done the busy work of this morning, I am catching a plane for San Diego.

Three and a half hours to Phoenix then an hour and a bit into San Diego. It's for our annual pastors meetings for the Evangelical Covenant Church.  It's called Midwinter and it's a mix of workshops, graced preaching, good worship, and because we are a very relational bunch, visiting.

I'm really so-so on the whole San Diego thing, mainly because I'll be in a hotel at meetings and events, so it's not like I'll inflict my pasty white body on the beaches or sip the manly equivalent of strawberry daiquiris on lounge chairs by the pool. No, it'll be like I said, some good speakers, hopefully a good workshop or two and some connections.

This year I'm heading into it a bit lower on the energy scale than normal, mainly because I'm tired and it's been a bit stressful lately with annual meetings and reports and such. So I'm seeing it as an opportunity to hopefully recharge the batteries.

I am trying to choose only the extra meetings that will help a guy out, and I am declining the requests for other activities. So I'm trying to be wise with my time and energy. Wednesday afternoon is free of events and so I'm thinking of trying to get over to the Ham Radio Store near by. A treat of being in larger population America. That will be fun.

And the beauty of San Diego is that there should not be a "Blizzard of the Century" like we had in our Chicago meetings a few years back. And I'm not bringing my winter coat, although I'm nervous about that because I don't know what to bring.

I'll try to post a few pictures from there as the week progresses.

But for now it looks like a very full Sunday morning. I best get at it.


  1. San Diego is where our son's girlfriend is going to school right now, and yes, there is no danger of a snowstorm there anytime soon - she has the ridiculous tan to prove it - just don't get a sunburn!

  2. I was looking forward to the poolside pictures.

    Phil L


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