Adapting to a bright spring

Monday, March 25, 2013
I think it's the nature of the light out there this time of year that makes one think of spring and melting and puddles. From the warmth of inside the house, the light outside feels like its spring happening out there. But of course it isn't.

The sun shining hard on the new pure white snow is actually blinding. Madly so. But going outside and driving or even walking to the office, require my eyes to adjust to squinty slits through which I stumble to work. It's not fun.

Though some scientists seem to have identified the reasons for the late spring here and in the United States and in the UK, it's little comfort to me here in this unbelievably bright spring. So for now the blinds are mostly down in the house and I wear my shades when I'm driving, and I take strong meds for the resulting headaches.

I would love this snow to melt quickly, but the runoff this year might be crazy mad too, and I'm not interested in bailing out my basement while a river runs through it.

So patience is required. And adapting. Even as the ages may be changing.
But we as humans have always been good at adapting, right?

Well maybe not always.

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