Getting my Mojo Back

Saturday, April 27, 2013
It's been a tough month here at the ole mine face where the work is getting done, three steps forward, one step back. Two steps forward, one step back. You know how it is, you live life too.

But last night as Lauralea and I caught a bit of the show House Hunters International, I got really impatient with one of the house shoppers. The lady was searching for a house with her particular culture in mind, in a country that had a very different approach to room size, and all she could do was complain about everything. (By the way, why do people do that, pack up and move to another culture and get all whiny when it's not like their culture? Sheesh)

I could feel my blood pressure rising and so enough of that, off she went. I loaded up The Borne Identity and we watched Jason Borne find himself.  :)  That was better.

I've been noticing a few clues like this starting to call attention to myself that yes indeed, we need a break from things here.

I started looking at my calendar and realized that in the past six months only on Christmas day and Boxing day have I had two consecutive days off. That's not enough and yes I can see that now. So in one week we will take some time off. See if I can get my mojo back.

In the mean time, tomorrow here at the church in The Field, we will celebrate Holy Communion together. That's like a little holiday or a lush park in the middle of a busy city.

For me that's always something that engages me. An interaction with God himself in ways that I don't always get. But I always come away with more than I came with. More energy, more life, closer to Christ.

But it's also about being closer to the Body of Christ, the people gathered around. I come, with the others here, to Christs table to receive from Him. And they all come too, as paupers. People hungry for more. People aware of their failures and hopefully repentant of them, yet choosing to move towards Christ rather than running away from him. Together we come.

It is to me a life-giving break in the middle of the rush of life. And these days those life giving moments  are not unwelcomed.

Come join us tomorrow.

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