Six Months

Sunday, April 14, 2013

And so the latest storm to hit us came Friday night. 10-20some cms of fresh snow.
Saturday morning when I had a 9 am appointment in town, Lauralea and I headed out and got about 15 kms before we finally turned around and were barely able to get back home.

We've had constant snow on the ground here now for six months. That's SIX or 6 or VI months of snow.

That means only six months before winter starts again.


  1. I thought pastors were supposed to help bring hope... but I suppose speaking truth into people's lives is in the job description, too.

  2. Knowing how much you guys don't like snow, I'm really sorry you're having to cope with this. Knowing that it's not typical doesn't help much at this point I guess. May you have grace to cope.

  3. Sorry Jay, feelin the hopelessness these days. wore my black shirt for church today, as a sign of opposition to the ways of White snow.

    It does seem to be happening many places this winter, even in parts of your nation Toni.


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