Um I forget.

Friday, September 13, 2013
Well after a full people week and a day down to the wire getting ready to lead this retreat, I'm out at camp, retreating. 

It should be said that I love this stuff. Creating space and an place for people to meet with God. Giving them a few tools to use to hear and converse with the Almighty. It's good, and the God conversations happen. They always do. 

I'm leading this weekend and then there is one more week of work, then it's my "every four year" sabbatical. It works out to a month and a half of different things, but I'm starting to think I need it. 

Nothing convinces me like my newly slipping memory. You see I just don't forget stuff. I plan backups for my backups. I just always double and triple check my stuff. That's who I am. 

Or that's who I was. 

Three times in the past weeks, I've forgotten my phone. I never do that. Never. Thanks to Apples "Find my Phone" feature I find it eventually. But still, that's got me a bit concerned. It's not me. 

And now I get to camp and see that I've packed a couple shirts, a backup pair of jeans, my toiletries, and that's it. 

I think I need a break. 
But for now I gotta go wash my socks. 

Good night. 


  1. Sometime I must ask you about what you do to enable others to hear God for themselves.

  2. :)
    Before we go I ask God lots for him to connect with them.
    We talk a bit about being quiet, then explain about just being present or listening, and we work through some disciplines like Lectio Divina or contemplative prayer, and send them off to practice. We gather again in 90 minutes or so and try another approach, then send them off again.
    Invariably, in some way, God communicates with them.
    It's pretty cool.
    And to be fair, most of the people who have come there because they have felt a calling by God to be there so they are already wanting to hear and communicate.

    It was great, again. God was good.

  3. Thank you. :-)

    And great that it was... er... great. ;-)


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