A Gentle Advent

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Wednesday before the week before Christmas, and I'm in my office working away.

It's kinda cold in here now because the window replacement guys came to swap out a broken window, and in the end it didn't fit so they put the old one back in for now. Besides that, it is cooling off out there today. It's overcast and the temperature is dropping as the day progresses.

I'm about to leave for town to visit some of the people who can't get out of their homes these days, but the roads and weather should be alright.

All morning I've been working on our Carol Service for this Sunday. It's where we tell some of the stories of the christmas carols and we sing them together. It's a fun day but requires a good deal of gathering and rewriting the stories of the songs, so we can enjoy the morning in worship together. I've done the work so if any of you want the printed service complete with the stories, just let me know and you can use them. No sense in reinventing the wheel.

This Christmas has been surprisingly still. I don't know if it's my Christmas Miracle or what, but it seems quieter and feels a better pace than it normally does. I like this sort of Advent. I usually try to do some volunteering in the community and this years work has finally fallen into place. I'll be doing that this week too, but it's good and blessed work.

Then this Friday at our home is the usual cider and cookies, or party at the pastors place. So if you are in the area, come by for a warm cup of fun and a cookie or eight. From three till nine pm. All are welcome.

Saturday Hillary arrives home and then off we go into the Christmas week activities.

All that to say that things are ok, and Advent has been particularly good to me this year so far. I like that, and I like the space it's created for me to be praying for those of you who are having tough going this year. You are being prayed for and Father God is close.

But for now, I'm off to town.

Blessings from the temperature dropping Field.

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