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Tuesday, December 24, 2013
I am,


The past week is taking it's toll.
I guess there was a lot of stressful pieces this week, and I am trying to hang on till after tonight.

The last formal piece of service, Christmas Eve. Readings, carols, candles, and tired old me.

I think I can make it into tonight but with sickness all around and people dropping like flies, with equipment that is failing and stressing me out, and thoughts not coming together, with a nasty wind that I've heard is making the road dangerous, I am limping, nay dragging towards the goal line.

I think I am getting short with my family and my co-workers, I think I am anyway, so that's sort of my gage of where things are at. Family goes first, then the people I work with. So if you like them, pray for me.


It's not as hostage-y as that sounds but yeah, that could help things along.

Maybe I'll go find something to eat.
That could help things out too.

Carry on, but if you pass a dude lying face down on the ground passed out, it might be me.
Save a kind word.


  1. Randall, if I know you like you do, I know you will make it out with a sense of grace and humility. Peace be with you as you head to the finish. Tomorrow will be a day of rest and relaxation. Just focus on the significance of tonight and tomorrow. Maybe say a prayer in quiet when you have a spare moment. Here is a prayer for you.

    Almighty God, the Father;
    Please grant us the strength to see the finish during this great time of the year. As we are busy with our Christmas activities, let us keep you in mind. Don't let the stress, the tired, and weariness of this season make use lose our focus on the meaning of this blessed season. Equip the people who do your work, such as Randall, see all the gifts around him, even if it's difficult. Have him see blessedness in leading your people in this always special Christmas Eve service. In your most precious and holy name, Amen.

    Godspeed, Randall!

  2. Thanks buddy, I receive it.

    And you, have a great Christmas too hey?
    And may 2014 be blessed and full of good opportunities for you.

    Take care tonight, and thanks for the blessing.

  3. Thanks, Randall. Merry Christmas.


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