She's left her prints on our hearts too.

Friday, February 28, 2014
Having a granddaughter in ones life is a most wonderful thing.
I enjoy the great privilege of having two in the picture, and the picture is a very cute and lovely one.
Their words, when they come, are little personalities. Their giggles are contagious. Their discernment is real, but when they've chosen to trust you, then they love you to the core. At least the core of their little being.

As it happens, today Norah turns three years old. So last week Nana and I got on the old and selected some books she'll probably love, and a toy she can use for hours examinig her sister and her dad and maybe her mom a bit too. She does have a powerful imagination that girl.

So though she's miles and miles away from us, she is still close in our hearts and still the thought of her makes us smile.

Happy Birthday young lady. It's super being three.

Norah Choosing

Something's up

Norah's been here

Saw this the other day, just as the sun caught the right angle.
Right at the bottom of the glass, in the middle, is a little gift she unknowingly left us. Her little hand prints from when she watched the big tractor clear the snow away.

That ain't getting windexed any time soon.


Long Day Today

Thursday, February 20, 2014

And I'm not too sure why.

No I'm not feeling myself.
Physically I'm off a bit. No, not illness like, just not, right.
It's hard to describe.

Feeling lots of stress right now. Deadlines and getting things in place before I need to travel for my work. Not everything is going to get done and I'm not great at leaving things undone.

Conversations need to be had too. Conversations that are hard and I need to have the right words in place before I ever embark on such conversations. Those are just events that take focus, energy, and the right moments.

Had a couple good connections today, but it was three visits and ended up taking most of the day. Lots of driving today too, which is normal for meeting with people.

I suppose when I look back it was eleven plus hours of work today. OK, that makes better sense. Been a few days like that.

I just don't always have the answers people are searching for. And I'm usually OK with that. But the bad stories catch up with you after a while. At least they do with me. I run out of words that comfort.

That's kind of where I am at. Tonight anyway.
Let's see what happens tomorrow.

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