The Sea of Galilee area.

We spent the day around the sea of Galilee today. It was hot and humid and beautiful. There's allot of places, churches mostly, built up over the sites. So it's really difficult to be engaged with the past. But the best part was being on the Sea of Galilee, looking out over the same vistas that Christ saw. The other good part was visiting Capernaum, where Christ lived a while. To see the ruins of the synagogue where Christ read scriptures, then to walk nearer to the shore where Peters home was, and to heal Peter's mom in law. That was insightful.

Finally to the place near where Christ was baptized, in the Jordan river. Now a beautifully treed shoreline with colorful flowers, and silence. It was good to see the distances and vistas Christ would have seen. Good as in moving.

Now we are doing a bit of laundry and then we are of to find some late dessert, probably cake. Seems to be the deal here.

Have a good first Sunday in Lent tomorrow. Pretty sure I will.

Fresh squeezed pomegranate juice.

Fresh squeezed pomegranate juice.

Me and the Sea of Galilee

Capernaum, where Jesus stayed and Peter lived.

The sea of Galilee

Supper at a roadside falafel stand.

Supper at a roadside falafel stand.

Supper at a roadside falafel stand.

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