Praying the day away

Saturday, May 17, 2014
Another call comes, another loss experienced.
Another grace needed, another desperate situation.
Another prayer requested.

All of a sudden it seems the world is falling down.

And so I started the day with plans to get to the three or four homes affected by news.
But as I shaped the day, I began to see that my presence would hardly be a help in these situations.

So I headed off to spend my afternoon praying.
Praying and calling, praying and texting. Praying, asking, hoping.

Mostly for healing, for comfort, for wisdom.
For strength for the needy.

You know how it goes, quiet for a long time and then suddenly things get all, busy.

People are hurting out there, even in the fields.
So I am here, praying.

Which honestly is the better thing anyway.

Big Sky

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  1. And we pray ... Eternal rest grant them and may perpetual light shine upon them. Until the sun no longer shines and the shadow crosses the mountain high. And the day lengthens into night. By your side keep them always, into your hands we commit them.



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