Micah's Turn

Friday, January 09, 2015
CLBI Team East Asia

And so it is that our fourth and last child Micah, is off to see the world.
It's a part of his discipleship leadership training second year at CLBI, and so he and three other students have been assigned to head to East Asia, and do some work there connected with their training. The four have had to get there themselves and will connect there with an organization that will help them get settled in a hotel.

This photo was taken Wednesday morning early at the airport when we saw them off, and word came late last night that they did arrive in the right city.

So this is our final child who has made the world a little smaller for our family.
Amazing really.

Anyway he is there for the next month, so if you are so inclined, save a thought for him will you?

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  1. Gladly.

    He's changed and grown so much since we first me him in 2006.


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