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Thursday, August 20, 2015
I was thinking the other day, about travel times and visiting and community and deep stuff like that. I was thinking about it because I was in the north part of my patch for a meeting, drove home, and then received an urgent call from someone in the south part of my patch. I ended up being on the road for over two hours that day, just connecting with people from our church.

So I set out to map my patch, and Google Maps makes this pretty easy.


Turns out My Patch is 1,367.2 km² in total area, and is 182.24 km in circumference. So it would take about two hours to drive around.

This is pretty cool. It answers questions like why am I tired from visiting a couple of people, or why does it take me most of a day for a couple of visits in different areas.

When I look at the land this way, it just really helps me understand myself, and my church much better. Especially when I remember that my last patch was 25.41 km² in area.

So today, with only two meetings and one visit, and two hours on the road, I'm tired.  I can look at this and not beat myself up. All things considered, we did pretty good.

I like my patch. Now before winter I need to upgrade the car for one with low kms. That's my next project.

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  1. Y'know, that's a big 'ol patch. No wonder visiting is tiring! No-one can say you don't have a big mission field. ;)

    Miss you guys.


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