Wanna know what in the world a pastor does on a Thursday?

Thursday, August 13, 2015
My Thursday...

8:30 am. Answering emails. I discover that our music leader is unavailable for this Sundays worship service. Hmm, need music leader. Email a few people.

9:00 am. Spiritual Direction with a pastor who is on stress leave from their church because of community relationships. Painful beyond words.

9:50 am. Impromptu meeting with the chair of the trustees and the treasurer. A good meeting with good people but could have stressful implications.

10:15 am. Starting to select music for Sunday. Planning on leading the music myself as all the leaders are unreachable. Sunday morning could end up being the Randall Friesen Hour. Never a great idea, but I'm willing.

10:30 am. Start working on the message for Sunday.

Norah Skype
11:30 am. My granddaughter Norah is skyping me. Of course I'm answering.

12:00 noonish. Head outside because I hear a car. There is a man getting into his Buick and driving off at the front of the church. Hmm whats up. It looks like our church sign has been repainted by a random stranger! What in the world?

12:30 pm. Vintage Car tour group arrives to use our yard as a lunch stop area. Pretty cool. Delora our admin person and I welcome them and after a picnic lunch Delora gives them a tour of the church and our photos of old cars parked in the church parking lot. They leave a small donation (Nice of them) and head off back down the road.

1:00 pm. I head home for lunch. Lauralea is away today so I prepare food and eat alone. Halfway through I don't feel so good and I end up throwing it all up. I start over.

2:00 pm. Back at the office putting Sunday into place. Make and return phone calls.

Church Sign
3:00 pm. Following up on word I received earlier in the day that one of our people is suddenly in the hospital. I head off to town to check up on him.

4:00 pm. Do a few more hospital visits. Some elderly are struggling. Praying with them all.

4:30 pm. Stop to reply to txts from church people about things in their lives. Things they are going through. Get the prayer chain going for the person I came to see, who's going to surgery.

5:00 pm. Start for home for supper. Got word that our house guest, a pastor who is doing some work in the area, is going to be late for supper. That buys me a bit of time to get home before he does.

Old Car Tour Picnic
6:00 pm. Our house guest is going to be really late. Lauralea and I eat supper.

7:00 pm. Writing this while the Edmonton, Montreal football game is on.

8:00 pm. Headed over to feed the neighbours VanderCats while the family is away. What practical jokes shall I set up in their house...

And now you know what this pastor was doing this Thursday.
It was a good day. Well except for the barfing part. :)

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  1. Are you past your barfing experience, or is this something that happens occasionally.

    And.... did you set up any good practical jokes/traps for M&D to find on their return?



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