When the Internet reached our home.

Friday, November 06, 2015

I found this letter I wrote to my dad on November 14, 1994.
The Internet had been opened to the public and I was waiting for my first email address.
So I was trying to explain it all to him.

I was in London Ont. (via the computer modem over the Internet) this morning. Here in Winnipeg last week the Winnipeg Blue Sky Freenet began business. It's a non-profit organization that was set up to give the people of Winnipeg a doorway into parts of the internet, as well as info on Wpg, libraries, magazines, news, etc. I have been all over the world through it already, and it's just a local call. I have sent in my registration so I'm expecting a Electronic Mailbox address soon, then I can write a few friends around the world, with just a local phone call.
As I was saying, I was in London this morning. They are planning and setting up a simular freenet for 5 counties around London, including Elgin. I read through their business plan etc. and they want to set it up for the rural & urban areas around London, St. Thomas, etc. so that anyone in that area can make a local call which would plug them into the London Freenet and through that "port" to the world via the Internet. They are looking at a registration fee of about $25 I believe. Then you get an electronic mailbox and full access to the other things.
Yesterday I was reading the church times and places from St. Petersburg Russia, then the news from the BBC in London England, then checked the weather in your town, and Lauraleas parents town from the weather service in Halifax, etc. It's quite fun to hop around with such ease. 

Wow.  Fresh and exciting and very new.
I had been considering joining CompuServe or America Online but I decided to wait a bit for this Internet to arrive. And now I have it all on a small device I carry around.

Our Micah was born that year. So that he and mostly all our kids don't know what its like to live without the worlds information in your hands.

I used to have to call my brother and ask him, "Hey what song is this?" and hum a few bars and he'd tell me.  Now I've got the Internet.

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