A Retro Christmas Gift for the Readers of randallfriesen.com

Wednesday, December 16, 2015
randallfriesen.com is so long in the tooth that it was eleven years ago when I provided the readers of this space with the Christmas Gift of some hand made Christmas wrapping paper.

You can see the original post here.

I thought that I'd bring that old school paper back, you know, for me who lives half an hour from a Walmart and we've run out of paper, or those who are minutes away from an office Christmas Party and you don't have time to run out for proper christmas paper. Just download, hit print, and wrap.

"Handmade, from the finest of software. Created by a pastor in the Northern Wilds of Canada, as he lay in bed, unable to sleep."

"I got out my Ipaq and created four distinct, yet lovely designs. A lit up Christmas tree, (My favourite), a decorated present, a variation on Snoopy's decorated home, and a festive red and white striped paper. They are done in a patchwork style, on white background. One paper even has all the festive images included!"

"Each paper is created in pdf format, so simply download the wrapping paper files to your computer, load it up and print it off. If you're giving items bigger than jewlery this year, you may want to tape some sheets together for your larger gifts."
Some of them are dated and hand initialled, but that can add to the festive atmosphere, and retro is all the rage now.

The Christmas Tree  (400 kbs)

The Present (683 kbs)

Snoopy's House  (390 kbs)

Christmas Stripes (800 kbs)

And Here you can download the paper with all the images combined. (526 kbs).

So there you go. Enjoy your gift giving knowing that randallfriesen.com has done it's part to make Christmas a bit more special this year.

Merrrrrry Christmas.

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