A few days in Chicago helps.

Saturday, January 30, 2016
Midwinter pastors Conference in Chicago means good worship, world class speakers, some great workshops and usually some amazing Chicago Pizza.

Well, it had all that. But the best part was the opportunity to have good conversations. To share some food and talk about life with other people in the work. Friends.

I think it was during one of the "world class authors and speakers" talk that we were encouraged to have friends from outside the church and out in the city or town where you lived. Duh, well yeah, of course. (Or maybe it just seems Duh to me, because it's a gap in my life.)

I've been realizing again just how crazy lonely this gig can be. There are many to care for, and many who know you as their carer, but friends? Well, not so much.

Thats why it's good to go away and connect with people who face the same sorts of struggles you do.

I feel like I've been heard, feel like I met with God there. I feel like He's told me some things that I've longed to hear. I feel affirmed and ready to go again.

And that came from some good conversations, over food and drink, with people who have work like I do. Sometimes I have the questions, sometimes I have the answers, but between it all, life is shared and hope is restored because we are not alone, there are others like us out there.

So I'm still letting my spirit catch up after these three stressful months, but it's coming. And I'm glad Marc is preaching tomorrow. That will be fun.

So remember to support your local pastor.
Its a worthy investment.

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