On growing up

Friday, March 03, 2017
I wrote in a letter this morning;

Your note was a very encouraging gift to me and I am grateful for your prayers.  Your perspective after your health difficulties feels more and more what I am feeling. Maybe its just about aging or growing up into this skin, but I feel less and less urgent about the things that need working on around here.  It's probably true that I won't bring the greatest changes or the biggest things to life here. But maybe that's ok too. Maybe its just about coming to terms with our own mortality. That we have a place in the time line of the communities we live in, but its only as a place holder.  Many have been before and many will come after us, so maybe its ok that we don't have to change the whole world ourselves in our lifetime. For me there is a measure of comfort in that truth. That there are bigger hands than mine holding this world together, bringing life to souls.  Maybe growing up is just a coming to terms with that.

Yeah. I think I'm growing up, finally.

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