1179 Fourth Street East, Prince Albert Sk.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

This is a photo that makes up the wallpaper on one of my MacBook screens. I enjoy working on this screen because of the memories of this place, but also because of the starkness yet warmth presented in it.

It is a photo of our back yard in Prince Albert Saskatchewan.

When we purchased the house there was only one post still in place from that fence. It's the somewhat crooked left leaning one along the back of the fence. We had to re-dig post holes and I wanted to retain the one old post from the previous fence so it could be a fence repair rather than a new build. :)
But it took much work and effort build it. And as a result there are many memories there for me.

Then one summer we installed the circular fire pit to the left of the photo. Some dry summers there would be a fire ban in place, but in autumn we would light it up, and even sometimes roast wieners and marshmallows over the fire there.

On the far left of the photo is a treehouse that we built with an attached ladder in place for those less agile. It may have been more of a dad idea than an idea of one of the kids, but we build it with a hatch in the floor that would lift up so that we could climb up the tree onto the platform. We built it early in our time there, so it came and went in interest and use. But I remember a picnic or two up there. I also remember some ants that would climb up and frustrate us. It's a good memory.

The pergola we built as a deck for using on summer and autumn days watching the trees change colours in the yard and the park across the back alley from our yard. It was a challenge to build and I remember losing my patience a few times with the guys who helped me build it. Funny how certain memories remain of certain things.  I have fond memories of a few Autumns out there in the cold breeze sitting out there and watching the seasons change.

It was a great yard with a park setting. The only down side was the unseen neighbourhood house to the right of the photo. That was a rental house that could bring much joy or a great pain, depending upon who lived there that year.

There are many memories there for me. Mostly good memories of family and times with loved ones. Working together, fighting together, living together. Finding our way through growing up together.  It was a blessed little house which I had to go out there to search for and purchase without Lauralea there to help choose. But it was, I really believe, a leading and gift of God to us to be able to live in that place all those years.

And now when I work on that screen, I am filled with good memories.
That's a gift to me.

Today you can go there via. google maps and even see the back yard we created.

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