My love of Eggnog gets press

Sunday, September 17, 2017
I suppose you would call them the good old days of blogging when local news organizations would call me for an opinion on some story or another that I had expressed here in this space. But those days are far far behind us now and its quieter in that way.

Until last Thursday when I was contacted by Maryse Zeidler, a reporter out of Vancouver who was doing a story for the CBC on Eggnog in the stores early. She had seen my photo on Instagram last week when Lauralea showed up at home with some Eggnog for me. The earliest we had ever seen the Nog in the wild.

We had a chat about it on the phone, and last night I saw the story she was working on. Its a fun piece looking at the early release of the seasonal treat this year.

It was enjoyable to do that again, and I'm writing this here mostly so I don't forget it. :)
And to post a link to the story, so I can go and reread it when I am old and grey. Well, old anyway.

Here's the link to the story.

Now go buy yourself a small litre of the stuff. Before it goes away.


  1. I'm never quite sure - is it the same as advocaat?

  2. I had to google that and oh my that looks good! Over here its made with a Rum I believe. However the stuff in the shops is alcohol free and just made to drink, almost like milk in the coolers here.


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