First Sunday back

Saturday, March 24, 2018
Tomorrow is my first Sunday back at work since February 11th. That's been a while. I'm nervous.

I always get nervous after being out for a while, and tomorrow won't be a normal day. I'll do some sharing and we'll celebrate Palm Sunday together. It'll be more of a simple day, I hope.

It's taking time to rebuild my strength and my weakness surprises me sometimes. I reach unknowingly for a wall to steady me. Especially if I've been driving a while. The sitting seems to do it, then I get up and get a bit, weak.

I'm grateful for how well I do feel, all things considered. I've added a couple of pounds to the 20 or so that I lost. Not that I want to do that, but I guess it happens.

Anyway, my first five days back at it and things are humming along. Its been a full week and I've been able to keep up, with my late afternoon naps in place.

So, we're back.

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