God's in it all

Saturday, March 31, 2018
Easter is my favourite part of the church year, and yes its busy and yes it can be intense, but hey, its spring-ish, and Jesus kicking the crap out of death is the reason I follow him.

This year because I had a serious illness, I was only allowed back to work last week, the week before Palm Sunday. So I am suppose to take it easy and rest lots and not overdo it.

Um yeah.

We do a Maundy Thursday evening service with Holy Communion, and then a Good Friday service with a neighbouring church. But this year a friend from the church who has been in palliative care passed away and we wanted to have the interment and funeral today. Then tomorrow is Easter Sunday, the biggest Sunday of the year.

So its not a great way to return and it's been a bit too much, but God is in it all.

I've felt strength for every service, and then exhaustion afterwards, but not until the work is done. And seeing God in the study with prep work going so smoothly. I'm so grateful for that.  By yesterday at 5:30 I had the funeral all written including the meditation (Or the talk) and Sundays notes were well underway. So God is in this all.

People are praying, and I almost feel guilty how many prayers I am the target of. And people are offering to help and of course Marc is helping lots.

So God is here, for real. Active in our lives, present in this community, moving, working, saving, healing, getting us through the tough parts.

That's just another reason we'll meet to worship him tomorrow.

Hope your Easter is amazing too.

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