Sunday, September 30, 2018

There are some people in life who you can go without seeing for a year or two and you can meet up and connect and laugh and share life with and it feels like you haven't been apart that long. Funny how that works.

Two weeks ago now, (Where did that time go??) Toni and Chris came by for a few days visit. It was a lovely good time and we were able to share a bit of life together. They are friends, about our age and some shared interests, who we can be ourselves with pretty easily. I like that.

Life hasn't been particularly easy for them and their family, but they are showing me how to do it with honesty and some amount of grace. There are things that they have to teach me.

And then off they go, home to the other side of the world. And I'll have to wait till next visit.

Maybe we'll go see them a bit before their next visit here.

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  1. It was our pleasure to be able to stay and to be made so welcome in your home. And if you'd like to escape some of that well known Canadian snow then you know there's a room here. :)


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