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Friday, January 11, 2019

I stopped wearing cologne a long time ago because it was just too strong and I don’t need to smell like a teenager. So I started using aftershave because it’s not as strong.

I’ve been adding to my collection and through my travels I’ll hit old little drugstores, especially in America, and find all these old familiar names and smells. :)

Yesterday I got some Old Spice so I'm pretty up to date on what available around here
Now I just need to find some Hai Karate. 😀

(Oh and know what they put on the Old Spice box?)

Classic indeed.


  1. Old Spice - I can honestly say that I don't think it helped me propagate my DNA. ;-)

    Is there any Brut 33 there?

    This takes me back to school discos, boys on one wall, girls on the other and a few that DID manage to connect engaging in osculation. 200 sweaty armpits all doing teenage onions and overtones of Hai Karate!

    Thanks to the lovely Carol, who has popped up a couple of times on my blog, we have a bottle of Calvin Klein One in our bathroom. Otherwise normally it's down to what ever's on offer in our local tesco when I want something to keep me socially acceptable at work.

  2. Ah yes, my Brut is the third from the left!

    I think it reminds me a bit of my grandfather. He wore aftershave every day and would hug me and give me whisker rubs. Maybe that's why I do it. :)


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