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Tuesday, February 05, 2019
It has been terribly cold here in this Field for us these past few days. -38C this morning as I got ready to leave the warmth of the house. (I don't do windchill temperature any longer as it seems to be a different number in different places. And anyway if its -30s I already know its stinking cold out there and don't play around.)  So yeah, very very cold.  One poor heart froze to death in Edmonton yesterday. It is not safe out there.

I was in Denver for 10 days recently and a large part of that time there was to do the work of the Board of Ordered Ministry, a group of people in our church who gather to oversee and care for our credentialed leaders. It was my first meeting and it was challenging, intense and stressful, and fulfilling and extremely satisfying. Working with individuals who are considering credentialing with us, helping those who have stumbled and are under care, establishing processes that are helpful to individuals and churches who are looking for pastors.

As I say the work was intense yet profound, but much of the amazing-ness of the time was feeling like I was held in a level of grace so that I could do the work. Seven straight days of 10 plus hours each day, at an altitude that would always be a challenge to my lung condition, yet it all went so smoothly. I slept hard at night and woke early to face each days challenges. Then in the meetings and interviews when I needed to know a direction to move in I could simply quiet myself and I would hear the internal direction to move in, from other than myself, and it always led to life, always.

It is a reminder that when I am weak then there is room for God to be strong. It is a comfort that in those meetings that will change the whole direction of an individuals life, God is clear and leading well.

The gift to work with other hard working, Godly people from around the world is an added benefit to me. I am shaped by their discernment and grace and I am shaped by our shared experience together. God works in me, through them. And in ways I can't always immediately see, I am changed for the better. More goodness in my life.

I have been elected to five years with this board and there are at least two gatherings each year, and with the support of the local church here, it seems to be a great fit for my spirit. I am looking forward to more opportunities to live in this grace that overwhelms so deeply.

What's one of your opportunities for growth this year?

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