Tuesday, September 10, 2019

An update... with photos

For a host of reasons, this summer has been a most challenging one. I can't recall in recent memory a more challenging summer season. So the photo on the right kinda is how I am seeing life presently.

Yeah, I know. Lots of attitude there I'm afraid. But I'm working on that.

But, the truth is that this season has been a most wonderful season as well. Of visits from our granddaughters and their parents, of Micah and Sharayah's wedding. Of family gathered for the first time in a few years, sharing life in the +30s heat of a Saskatoon summer.

Of strength to do the work that I enjoy doing, when there are not enough personal resources to see the day through. Of new roads with God. Of new conversations with old friends and old conversations revisited with new friends when "New" actually means eleven years or so.

And I bought a bike.
I immediately felt like I was 11 years old again when I first rode it. The breeze and smooth ride, the balancing and speed all just takes me back to a freer simpler time. It's pretty fun.

And now a few photos to remind myself. :)

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  1. A bitter-sweet time. Thanks for posting, both words and photos.

    Attitude? Seems pretty reasonable to me. Enjoy your bike. :)


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