Stopping for a breath and tea

Thursday, February 06, 2020
It's late but I just stopped in at my local coffee shop for a cup of tea and a sit down. Remembering to rest.
If I was to sum up the day it would be all about people. I’m still catching up from my days away, and the people situations seem to pile up as well.

Questions as wide ranging as “Can I trust my heart” to “She’s done with me and I still love her.” From “Where is God in all of this,” to “The doctors don’t know what’s the cause.”

I listen and encourage and as I feel prompted, I offer my perspective to those who invite me to pastor them. I pray with them and the presence of God is there. They seem encouraged and a bit more hopeful than when I came and they will call me again. Which they do.

Today it was five different appointments with five different people. In my study, in someone’s home, on a screen with someone in another place, and two visits in the hospital.

The range of emotions and struggles that people face on any given day is breathtaking. Amazing. And if I felt like it was up to me to solve their problems, I’d have long since quit.

But pastoring is about looking for the fingerprints of God in anyone’s life and pointing them to Him and his presence there. It’s usually much more subtle than that, but that’s the essence of the work that I do.

And that’s enough for today. So I’m sitting here catching my breath before I drive home.

I think she said she’s making pork roast for supper. Yaaaaay. That’ll be good.

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