These Are Challenging Times

Monday, April 13, 2020

In once sense these past four weeks have gone quickly, yet in other ways, boy they have been dragging on.

I'm surprised at how the work hours have increased, but that seems to be the standard fare hearing from other pastors. Trying to learn quickly how to care for their people from a distance. Trying to learn new ways to engage the people with teaching, let alone the new ways to worship.  Then there are those who are expected to live-stream a service from the empty church with no support or aid.  I'm trying to keep it simple and I'm still putting in many more hours.

It's been such an interesting time. Thinking through what worship, and gathering around the scriptures really means. What is community, really. Can you have that community by Zoom or YouTube. I'm not sure.

These could be days when the whole direction and processes of the church are renewed. Preaching, teaching, worshipping, communing. Less and less can I see us just returning to the same old same old sort of worship. The crowds will be different, the expectations different.

Anyway, I sure do miss the people. I realize these days how much they are in my heart.

And most of my online work is going into other efforts for the time being. is the regularly updated blog of news and updates from the church. And is the page with links to our worship gatherings and activities.

These days have not surprised God or caught him unaware. That gives me comfort.
I am curious to see how He makes good come from days such as these. As He will.



  1. "And most of my online work is going into other efforts for the time being."

    We'll still be here when you have more time. :-)


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