Monday, September 30, 2002
   "After 17 years as the host of Hockey Night in Canada, Ron MacLean will be replaced by the CBC after the two sides failed to reach agreement on a new contract."

Good grief, they do this to Dave Hodge, and now to Ron MacLean? When will the madness end, and who is running things down there in Toronto?!?!

Ron seems to be a regular, hard working guy who does a good job as Don Cherry's straight man. Who will cbc get to sit next to Cherry now?

... course, Jean will be looking for work soon.

One writer quoted Einstein when describing this news; "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the universe. " - Albert Einstein

That about says it all.



Best places to Live

Saturday, September 28, 2002

When I run a Google Search of the city I live in, Prince Albert, I get all kinds of questionable piercing sites. Seems a "Prince Albert" is a piercing that is ONLY available if you're a guy. ~say no more~

But I still think that Prince Albert is a better place to live than, oh say, "CRAB HOLE" in the U.K.

Or "Dirty Gutter", or "Fartown", "Fishpits", or how about "Great Cockup" which of course, is just east of, you guessed it, "Little Cockup"!!

Then there's "Hairy Side", "Hooker's Farm" and "Hole of Bugers"

Who decides what to call these places?

I'm glad this Island brings such joy to so many people. Thank You UK.
And thanks to Andy, Rachel & Rupert for their work.




Sorry, I haven't been blogging for a while, seems my template got eaten alive someplace in the wires.

I was getting quite blogstipated, I had no place to record what I've seen and heard out there. But I'm back, and I've got alot to bring up...

Here we go.



Mr. Bean Promoted?

  Popular Welsh comedian Rowan Atkinson appointed the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury

Well, I think the good old Church of England is finally on the right path. Check this out you Mr. Bean fans...




Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Well, things are OK here. We have a regular membership meeting tomorrow night and nobody is nervous or anything. (I gotta stop and remember how far we've come)

We've been having a good chunk of visitors at church lately, some even seem to be staying! I don't think we are doing anything differently these days, and it remains to be seen if it continues, but we have reason to hope.

Last night Micah was up late with an upset stomach, so I fell asleep around 1am, THEN at 3am someone starts ringing the back door bell over and over and over, and I jumped out of bed, falling as I tried to put on my jeans and my feet got stuck in the same leg, and at the door was a very inebriated gentleman who was "Running from a local gang, and could I get him and his beers home please..." and I stood there in my jeans remembering that my sermon last Sunday was on the guy who keeps banging on his friends door in the night to get some bread and I think to myself, "Self, this God you follow sure has a dry sense of humor" so I take the man home and I get home around 3:30 and into bed and the alarm goes of at 5:30 cause its prayer meetin time at the church, and off we go.....

Whooa cool, I think that was all one sentence!! gotta be a record. Anyway, all that to say I'm tired and off to bed.



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