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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Well, we just got in from a wedding, a very fun wedding.

A couple of individuals in their 40's/50's who have had some real challenges in their lives. They found each other and tonight, in her backyard, with 55 people looking on, they declared their love for each other, and looked at each other promising to be there till death or Jesus, which ever came first!

I like doing weddings. Usually they are young and giddy and there are underlying stresses with parents and inlaws and separated parents etc. But this one was much better.

The couple was joyful, and poised, and in love. There were none of the tensions with inlaws etc. Her 5 sons took part in it, even were the hot little band. His three girls and one 5 month old baby granddaughter were there, proud as could be.

It was a day of joy, really. And I get the great blessing of helping them put words to their love for each other, and their thankfulness to God for bringing them together.

And now, I'm exhausted.



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