The Bourne Supremacy

Monday, July 26, 2004

Well, today on my day off, I had to work. And Wednesday I'm out of town till Saturday, so the people around here were not to impressed. So, tonight I took the unimpressed ones, one, out to see The Bourne Supremacy.

Lauralea and I had a great time at it. Kinda an ongoing, high energy plot throughout, and we liked it.

What we didn't like was paying $20 and having to watch 25 minutes of commercials at the beginning... sorry just about got up on that hobby horse again.

What I didn't like was some of the camera work. Now, I know it was to help give the movie an edgy feel, but why do they have to hire camera people who are cocaine addicts who haven't had a hit in a long time!?! The camera was shaking most of the movie.

And there were some great locations they shot in, but we seemed more concerned with a close up of the brake pedal, or inside JB's nose. What, look out the shaking window?? Why bother??  There was a whole car chase through some amazing parts of Moscow, and what did we see? Some shaky shots of the side of his car, or some shaky shots of the gear selector. And there was a whole long fight scene. The camera was so close that all we saw were black coats flying and covering the camera. We didn't know who was winning the fight!

It should look great on TV.

But, it was a good story, lots of sudden action. Some cool locations. (What does Moscow look like in the summer? I don't remember ever seeing it in a movie!!)

But it was a fun night out. And tomorrow I promised to take some time off, so we all should be happy again.



  1. I thought that movie didn't come out until November. Where did you see it?

  2. Hey Kelly;

    It was released July 23, and we saw it in Prince Albert sk!

    Where are you at??


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