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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Last night around 11:30pm as I stood high atop a ladder in my wife's winter jacket in the continuing pounding rain and darkness, cleaning out the gutters so the water could run freely again, I thought to myself; "I haven't had a raincoat since I was 8!"

Then I thought to myself, "I bet Toni has a raincoat."

And I was envious.


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  1. If your brother is in need and you have 2 raincoats (forgive the paraphrasing) give him one.

    Well actually, I'd rather give you the money for one - with the cost of postage to Canada (who would believe 1 CD could cost so much to send by UPS!) I reckon it would be better value!!

    And yes, you're right. One is Blue and black - my cycling waterproof. The other is purple, navy and green (as bad as it sounds) that I used to wear camping. If it's any consolation, about an hour ago we had lightning and torrential rain too. I'm starting to wish I'd chose Greece for a holiday again this year - France is a little too far north!


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