Now, where did I last see my soul...

Thursday, July 22, 2004

I spent the morning just connecting with some of the older single women from church. It's one of those things that I usually enjoy doing, however, it's also one of those things that to often get's moved back if the week gets busy on me. You know, if reports are expected or plans or study needs to be worked on, often those demands have very real deadlines. Unless there has been a recent situation or need, an ongoing visit can often be put back a week or so.

This morning I noticed how my spirit feels in certain homes. I was surprised just how, I don't know how to say it, but just how at peace and welcomed my spirit felt at one of the homes. It was like "I'd like to stay here all summer and read and write and wait for my Soul to catch up with me.

You remember the story about the early missionaries to Africa eh? Their native porters kept a grueling pace with them as they moved through the jungle for 4 days. On the fifth day the porters refused to move, and their excuse? They needed to stop and wait a day for their souls to catch up with them.

We need - I need, space and time for my soul to catch up with me I think. A Big space, with few items to distract. A space in which I can think and pray and do some writing...

I felt that space in one of the homes I visited this morning, and I liked it.

She said she really felt cared for by my visit. But let's not kid ourselves here, I felt cared for, just by sharing her "Big Space."


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