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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Yep, this Saturday in Prince Albert, from 9:30 till 3:00pm come on down to Gateway Covenant Church and get some baking and cool gift ideas.

Lunch will be available as a fund-raiser, and will include dessert.


  1. Sorry, witch church was that?


  2. and also where it is......

  3. Ha! Toni, I was just going to say something like that.

    I've indicated before that when I first moved to P.A. I had never heard of the Covenant church and wondered if maybe it was some kind of weirdo sect. Perhaps the "coven" part of the name had a subliminal effect.

  4. Spooky - It is that time of year, eh? :)

  5. Hey, I thought it might help bring in the fringe crowd!

  6. I've also seen the name spelled as Gateway Convent.

  7. No one's ever really heard of the Covenant Church unless you attend there or are related to someone who attends there. Everyone always wants to know if there are like the Lutherans, the United or Anglicans or whatever church they are most familiar with.


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