"The Face That's Everywhere"

Wednesday, October 25, 2006
"There is a brownish image of Jesus that hangs on children's bedroom walls, in fellowship halls of Catholic and Protestant churches around the country, in mission stations around the world. Even the most Protestant of Protestants knows the picture from Sunday school days or Grandma's living room. But most can't name the painter and wrongly assume that he was Methodist or Lutheran or Catholic. His name, in fact, was Warner Sallman (1892-1968), and he spent his entire life in Chicago. Of Swedish and Finnish extraction, he was a lifelong member of the (Swedish) Evangelical Covenant Church."

We have a signed print hanging in the church, mostly because Sallman was an Evangelical Covenant guy.

Read the rest of the piece in Christian History, here.


  1. I actually have Waner Sallman's biography (I have yet to read it) and a few years ago I bought a Warner Sallman Bible for my mom and a copy for myself. I think it is pretty cool to have that heritage connected to our church.

  2. Here at the Norquay Covenant Church we have an original of his, painted for the then-pastor. Let the one-ups begin.

  3. I remember "Head of Christ", as well as "Christ at Heart's Door" from the Lutheran church my family attended when I was a child, and from pictures in our home. I was convinced that Jesus really looked like that. It didn't occur to me that the pictures don't look very Jewish.


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