Giving Thanks

Yesterday on the way into the city to spend time with family we stopped at dad"s grave. It"s important for me to have a place to go, not because he"s there, because he isn"t. But it creates a context for me to make an effort to drive out of my way. And in that driving I take time to think and remember him and us. And I take time and effort to thank God for that which we had together, as a father and son.

If there wasn"t a place to go to, I don"t know how or if I would take the time and effort to really think and process and consider these things. I mean, the memories would come and my prayers would continue. But it"s good for me to have to make an effort and set aside extra time, just to remember and say thanks. Probably how I"m wired.

So we brought a rose, and remembered and said thanks.

It was good to do that.

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  1. My father died about seven months ago. I have been missing him a great deal in recent days. I echo your thoughts.


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