just workin

Again tonight I"m in my little room doing homework and my weather box in the corner of the screen is pointing to some snow around here by tomorrow night. May it hold off till I can rake the leaves first.

Been burning the midnight oil working through books and papers for my course. Last night I was on a roll and got a big paper written. Crawled into bed at 4:30 this morning, but it"s done. It only needed a little tweaking in the light of day.

So now I"m turning to a book review. I"ve got some good music playing on the computer, “Sound of Majesty...”? which is a choral work program found on Moody radio. It keeps me connected to the real reasons I"m doing this kind of homework, without getting me all pumped up and groovin...

Suppose I can"t delay it any longer.

You can listen along with me to this rich program by clicking here. And no, I won"t be up till 4am again tonight, promise.

And you, go worship God with some other human beings tomorrow ok? It"ll do you good to get your eyes lifted up.

Peace and blessings.



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