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Sunday, October 15, 2006
Long time readers might remember this.


  1. So was that the last time you had your brakes fixed, or was there another between this summer and Dec 2003?

    Looks like we'll be enjoying the company of one of your brood this Christmas. Lets hope she remains healthy and visitor-free throughout ;-) I can see she has a sense of humour, as the return flight is at 9.30am on new years day :-))

    It'll be nice to see her though - if I can I'll try to pass some of the blessing back over the pond for you guys.

  2. I do hope the reason for the "something fun" is not the revisiting of the same creatures! Scrolling down through those old entries brought back lots of memories. Almost three years ago - and your van hasn't died yet!

  3. Yep, Christmas in England sounds like a good deal of fun.

    She is a most blessed girl, even if she doesn't know it.

  4. It is snowing here in Strathmore. It is heavy, wet snow. If it continues to snow this hard, then there will be a lot of snow tomorrow.


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