So that's it for Autumn then?

Monday, October 16, 2006

I feel a bit gypped this year, Autumn wise.
I was gonna rake today, and put the summer things away, and wash the windows, and clean the gutters.
But it"s less than inviting out, with a below freezing temp.
So maybe I"ll watch it from my window.
Suppose to be warmer later on this week.
I hope.

Course, it doesn't look as bad as the University bowl in Saskatoon looks. Hey, isn't that Hillary...?

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  1. My sympathy. Yesterday I was wearing a tee shirt outside most of the time, and this morning was the first time I've cycled to work wearing longs. Daytime temps still around 14-18'C, although there is a coolness to the air that wasn't there a week ago.


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