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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Hey, our small group is getting up and running again and if you're within the sound of my voice you are welcome to join us.

Tonight at 7 we'll gather over at 3038 Sherman Drive for some tea and prayer. We are just starting a new book called Velvet Elvis, by Rob Bell which should be a good time.

The group is mainly made up of 20, 30, and a few 40 year olds and we hang out, drink tea, pray, and look at a book together.

If that fits then check in.

Velvet Elvis Excerpt
...Because when it comes to faith, everybody has it. People often tell me they could never have faith, that it is just too hard. The idea that some people have faith and others don"t is a popular one. But it is not a true one. Everybody has faith. Everybody is following somebody. What often happens is that people with specific beliefs about God end up backed into a corner, defending their faith against the calm, cool rationality of others. As if they have faith and beliefs and others don"t.

But that is not true. Let"s take an example: Some people believe we were made by a creator who has plans and purposes for his creation, while others believe there is no greater meaning to life, no grand design, and we exist not because of some divine intention but because of random chance. This is not a discussion between people of faith and people who don"t have faith. Both perspectives are faith perspectives, built on systems of belief. The person who says we are here by chance and there is no greater meaning has just as many beliefs as the person who says there"s a creator. Maybe even more.


  1. And, if all goes as planned today, there will be one or two pies tonight, too!

  2. Me too Linea - we've got circuit training instead. Oh, and a few thousand miles to cover ;-)

  3. Makes me wish I was 40 again..........


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