the nectar of the gods.

Well, here we go, the season is nearly upon us and tonight Micah and I went in search of this wintry nectar. EggNog.

Eggnog by itself is a wonderful seasonal treat, but when mixed with some manner of cola, well it takes on amazing proportions. It turns into a kind of float thing that goes down smoothly.

We finally found some, at our third stop. Safeway was the lucky shop for us tonight so we picked up two litres. Then we headed home and popped the lid.
Chances are we should have bought two.


  1. Coke and eggnog. I hear ya. Mmmm....

  2. Yuk! Just my opinion of eggnog in general.

  3. I would like to know how to make the stuff. I love it as well.

  4. Ahem,

    well you take your eggnog, and add coke.

    unless of course you meant how do you make eggnog, then you're on your own!

  5. Yes, but what are the proportions? 1:1? 2:1 Eggnog to Coke? The reverse? What?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. I usually like a 60/40 mix with 60 being the Nog.

    That is unless the nog is that horrific Eggnog LIGHT version, then I go 70/30 with the Nog at 70%.

    Put the eggnog in first and slowly pour the cola in, usually along the side of the class so as not to create alot of foam.

    stir, and sit down in a comfortable seat then enjoy.


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