refresh 06

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hey, if you are of an age somewhere between 20ish and the upper 30's ish, this weekend is for you. November 10-12 in Winnipeg a bunch of us are hanging out and just reconnecting with God and meeting some new friends.

I'll be there doing some Spiritual Direction stuff for any and all who would like to take part in it.

It would be good to meet you there, so if you have some time and a little interest, check out this link to register.

Oh and if you are in need of a ride, at least out of Saskatchewan, shoot me an email. We'll see what we can do.


  1. Someone commented on your doing a "Randall Friesen Experience", and asked what exactly that would be. I told them that I had no idea but that I was sure it would be awesome.

    So what I really mean to say is that it better be awesome, not that I doubt you...although if all else fails, you could probably just buy us all beer. That would probably pacify most of the guys.

  2. :)

    The randall friesen experience...

    the darkest ale you can find.

  3. "RandAle"

    That would truly be refreshing.

  4. Maybe I SHOULD be trying to go along. Sounds like you all might need a sober chaperone! RandAle indeed!

    : )


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