Prince Albert residents advised to boil water

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A boil-water advisory has been issued in Prince Albert ”? the largest community in Saskatchewan to take the precautionary step in recent years.

The advisory was issued Tuesday after a valve attached to a city water line broke earlier in the day.

Water gushed into a hole that crews were working in, depressurizing the drinking water line.

Colin Innes, Prince Albert's director of public works, said it's possible that allowed impurities into the water supply.

"There is the potential for something to get into the system," he said.

The city is advising people to boil water for drinking, brushing teeth and washing vegetables.

Water pressure in the pipes has been restored, but the city plans to keep testing the water for at least another day. The results should be in by Thursday, Innes said.

About 41,000 people live in Prince Albert, the province's third-largest city.

Oh great. Good to find this out after supper.

And why can't they put this important announcement on their website?



  1. Not to worry. It only involves a relatively small area of the city - includes my office though and east of there, also St Johns and probably the church. Your house and mine are not in the affected area. But you might want to remember that tomorrow if you get thirsty at your office. We had to cancel a bunch of patients this afternoon and for tomorrow.

  2. remember when the North Battleford water problem happened? Yeah I just happened to be driving through with some friends of mine. We picked up something to drink at a local coffee shop..... my friends both caught giardia (sp?) but not me... russian roulette I'd say....

  3. I notice that the city now has a news release on their website. They must read your blog.
    As Linea observed, only the Riverview neighbourhood is affected.


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