the third leading cause of death in Canada

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
I heard a report on the radio the other day, (Sorry I haven"t been able to back it up yet.) From a Dutch newspaper that was saying that within a few years the leading cause of death will no longer be heart related issues, but suicide. This, they believed, was closely tied to depression.

From a number of places I read that, “Suicide is the third leading cause of death in Canada ahead of HIV/AIDS, diabetes and car accidents.”?

It seems a good chunk of this is due to depression: "Of the many mental disorders associated with suicidal behavior, depression is the most common. Two-thirds of those who die as a result of suicide have some form of depression."

Colleges are now responding with programs to help their students.

But chances are growing that you will at some time be effected by the death of someone you know and love, because of suicide.

We gotta take time to connect with people. Not just surface connections either, but connections that lead to life.

Maybe even physical life.

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  1. This was our topic in Psychiatry clinical sciences this morning. Here's a few more facts:
    12 in 100,000 people commit suicide each year
    10 Canadians commit suicide each day.
    For every suicide death there are 120 attempts (although self harm behaviours like cutting may be included inflating that number)
    115 - 146 Sask. residents commit suicide each year (data collected 1995 - 1999)
    This shocked some of my classmates.


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