Wednesday, November 01, 2006
It was late on a cold Wednesday afternoon and as she stood in the doorway of the downtown building the sky grew dark and snow began to threaten. The cold was pressing in and she could see her breath when she let it out from the depths of herself.

She was waiting to meet him, and the cars continued to rush past, each one making her hope he was near. They were going to meet and find a warm little café where they could sit and steal a few moments from the busyness of life.

She was thinking about the events of the week when the wind wiped a strand of hair across her face, she brushed it back behind her ear and burrowed deeper into the warmth of her coat. She didn"t mind waiting and she really never minded the cold. It always made her feel alive and happy. Even though he never understood how this worked in her, he loved her for it.

The week, she thought. A few doctors visits and tests to help them diagnose the problem. The problem was an increasing abdominal pain that occasionally sent her to bed. She wasn"t worried though, at least not enough so that it would slow her down. In fact it was her idea to meet him here after her appointment and they would have a few quiet moments together before the week rolled on into a busy weekend.

Suddenly someone grabbed her arm and snuggled in for warmth. She turned around and it was him. She smiled and he asked, “All ready to go?”?

They found the café, a darkly lit modern place on the ground floor of an office building. It was mostly empty at this time of day so they chose a table beside the wall of glass. Outside the promised snow was gently starting to drift down. It would be dark soon.

“How was the appointment ?”? he asked.


  1. Can't wait for Chapter 2.

    You could have a pen name like "Randie Freezin'".....ya...something like that. I'd read your books..... as long as they had happy endings.

  2. Ah, to subtle I guess.

    I was going to see if anyone picked up where I left off and told a line or two of the story.


  3. I want to read on, is there more?

  4. good start for a novel.

    lets have the rest of the story........ (with that required twist).

    also can I ask for your prays for tomorrow morning (9am uktime) for a job interview for a more senior position.

    many thanks
    Ian Lord

  5. "Great, they say my name can be Bruce next week!"

    Sorry that's my very twisted humour coming out! A little bit too much BBC 3 I think.

  6. :)

    Bruce eh?


    got you covered Ian.

  7. I like Johanna's spin...let's go from there for pure amuzement!


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