Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Because I am somewhat all knowing, or maybe because I am a know it all, I am aware that there are a large number of you who read this space on a daily basis, and you are quite content not to comment or connect in any formal way. I'm good with that.

But today I just wanted to thank those of you who stop by semi-regularly to read this space, and sometimes you do check in or shoot me an email.
I will never have the opportunity to meet most of you simply because of the distance. But I do want to encourage you that any attempts you make to connect via email etc. will not be received with a sense of disdain.

This morning as I arrived early at the office and opened up the computer, there was an introductory email sitting there from Ede who lives in another province.

It was an encouraging letter, and it was good to meet her.

It's always good getting the encouraging letters, as opposed to the death threats or threats of legal action...

So yeah, thanks for stopping by, thanks for checking in, and thanks for the occasional email that lets me know who "You" are.

You are a good bunch.


  1. Yo R.F.,

    Just saying I'm no longer one of those folk who just reads your blog and don't ever leave a comment. I dont' think I'll leave a death threat this time, but you never know maybe next time I'll think of something to sue you for. One of these days you'll have to visit my blog, I just have to actually get one and then write something semi-intellegent (thats the hard part for me). Anyway blog on dude.


  2. Ok, I give in, I've been reading here a little longer than just today!

    To an extent been waiting for the right time to say hi, rather than just put my foot in it.

    Hi Randall, hope your well!


  3. I'm just commenting to say that I still read you blog every day Randall. I can tell by the statistics on my blog that people read it but aren't frequent in commenting or emailing. I've tried to provide interesting content (68 pages total) but I only have a few semi-regular commentors.

    I find it funny how one of the beauties of the internet is the option of annonymity yet still some people don't drop a line. Regardless I'm enjoying the education and experience I'm gaining and hopefully blessing a few people with my efforts. You, Randall, are blessing many with your words. :)

  4. Hey Dan, Woo Hoo, welcome, good to meet you. I'll let you buy me coffee next time I'm in the area!

    And hey Trevor, you should run a blog on how to make bald look good, cause nobody I know does it better than you!


    Hope you are having a good week out.
    (Not Out as in "Coming Out" but out as in a couple of weeks not on the job site... uh yeah.)

    I better stop now.

  5. Lol, going to be anytime soon?


  6. Hmm, I just looked up Portsmouth on the map.

    ... it may take me some time to get there!

  7. Hello Randall...

    I guess I am guilty too. I come here daily to read and to pray with you and your family and fellows. Although I don't usually comment unless I have some experience to share as when your dad died.

    Suffice to say, I enjoy reading here, even if I don't comment all that much. I hope all is well there tonight.


  8. Hi Jeremy

    na you're not guilty!!

    good to hear you again.

  9. What a lovely surprise to read this blog today. Thanks for your kind words, Randall. I look forward to reading many, many more of your posts.


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