A day to forget

What a journey.

Yes, I made it here. But not until the van starter motor died, then we got into the car to drive and blew out a water hose. Then I was a jerk with Lauralea, then I got in the rental and drove hard all day, and arrived late.

An ugly ugly day.

I'm generally OK with having less than wonderful vehicles, but this day has challenged that a bit. Leaving Lauralea with two broken cars and no transportation makes me feel a total failure. I feel like I haven't done my part, I feel emasculated somewhat, and its not fun. It's ugly.

And now I have to guard against going out next week and borrowing a ton of cash just to buy a decent trustworthy car, so that I won't feel this feeling again.

Like I said, an ugly day.

In the midst of all that, God is here and doing his thing. That's been cool so far.

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  1. Ah, another way to say that is: you had a good day, but it wasn't today.
    Trust things get going in a better direction.


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