God with us

Thursday, November 09, 2006
Tomorrow I'm off for balmy Winnipeg, (hey, at least they don't have any snow!), and the refresh retreat.

I've worked hard to make this week a bit more silent. I want not to be distracted as i prepare to serve and just hang out with others. But you know that in those weeks that I need to be ready, so many other things pop up that you would think suspicious thoughts, which I do, with reason.

Yet, in the midst of the activity there is an underlying current of Gods moving about. This assures me that he will be there too, and in fact, He will direct the traffic this weekend.

Traffic flows that I need to be a part of, connections I need to make, care that may need to happen for others.

He'll be there.

And it will be good. It's always good to be in a place when God moves or breathes, or just shows up in a person's life.

So, may God be with you this weekend, and may he be with me.

(and may he also be with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the playoffs!!)



  1. I'm looking forward to it.

    I also think you need to go a few rounds in the inflatable boxing ring we're having on Saturday. Now's your chance to throw the many physical punches I'm sure you've wanted to throw over the years. Just not at me.


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