It's snowing like crazy here

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And for those far away, here is our friesencam, looking out into the white abyss.

(new image every 2 minutes)


  1. Hey Randall,

    Too cool, you have a "Friesencam" wow. Where can my wife get one of those. That's gotta be the latest in blog technology. Have fun in the snow, its snowing here @ Shore Gold too.


  2. I want snow! I don't think Portsmouth is famous for it though :(

  3. Trevor (in peg's name)
    you can probably get on at staples or futureshop, download some free software, and there you go.

    But if she got a camera then you might as well just do a video link on msn and she can talk and you could type!

    But at least you could see her....


    Dan, if there was any way I could pack up a box full and send it to you, I surely would.

    You are welcome to come by for a visit and experience it first hand!

  4. One day hopefully! I'll get Kita on the case for tickets!

  5. your face there is kinda creepy...

  6. I have always know you liked to be in front of the camera, but to have two of you in the same shot.......

  7. Snow is cool. You probably don't want to hear that when it was snowing in Saskatchewan it was 80 degrees in Kansas. Yes, 80 degrees. Today it's still 70. Colder weather is coming, but no snow.


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