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Thursday, November 30, 2006
Ok, that picture at the right is making too many people happy, probably for all the wrong reasons. And the last picture of me in that space made people cautious about approaching me. So here we go.

If you can get me a picture of me that looks good and I'm smiling in a non-cheesy way and I use it for the site, I'll deposit into your pocket a cool ten bucks. Family members included.

So there you go, earn extra cash for the Christmas season.

And help me gain some self respect back.

I'll post the ones I get.


Hillary has contributed these images;

And here are a few I could take;

Now, Toni enters the fray;


  1. i have some good ones.... but i can't figure out how to paste them onto this comment window thing.....

  2. Noooooooo! Keep the one you have! I'll still respect you! In fact... Probably I'll respect you more! Probably! Maybe?

  3. Which one should I keep The goofy one (Marc's words!) or the turtle-neck one??

  4. I'll have a look through our pics from the visit back in the summer.

  5. I'll have to look through your Flickr and play with Photoshop a little.

  6. I like the black and white one, and the cheesy grin one a little. (Is there going to be a vote?)

  7. Iwould choose the black and white pic. To me, it is the nicest one, but, whatever.

  8. I like the one with sunglasses. It reminds me of Roy Orbison.

  9. I for one like the pic of you with your blue shirt and tie. I like the look on your face there because it's a look you have when you are speaking gently or something - when you say "yah" and then smile and I hear compassion and humility in that "yah"...... of course, I could be totally wrong..........maybe in that picture you're opening a present and you're saying to yourself "I have to look like I love this thing".......

    Go blue go (shirt)................go blue go (tie)................go Leafs, go........ooops.............

  10. We like the casual one of you sitting in the chair that was contributed by Toni- relaxed and a guy you would like to go and visit just to chat and get to know.

  11. Yeah, I'm leaning towards that one too.

  12. I like the one where you're looking down a lot -- you've got a great expression in that one. Too bad you're looking down and you can't see your face...

    We'll have to go through our pictures from this summer...


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